The long wait is over! The Ultimate Destruction of the Pop Pollution Can Begin!

Binärpilot's NORDLAND album cover

The entire album is released under the Creative Commons by-nc-nd license. You are encouraged to burn copies of this CD for all your friends, play it at your house party, slip it into grandma’s iFad and Drown Out the Pop Pollution!

Apparently the release was put on hold (remember the fundraiser back in September 2008?) because the intended cover art designer could not deliver. Instead, took the plunge and designed what I think is an awesome cover for the Nordland album.

Most of the 10 songs are familiar to the 8-bit fandom, such as aXXo, Tjaere min venn, title track Nordland and Forte Da Funk; but there are some new beats as well unless you’ve been logging in to the backstage VIP area lately.
If you check out the Album credits you’ll see representin’, and if you couldn’t spare the cash back in 2008, please consider funding the war effort by pre-ordering the album by following the links above ($15 USD for USA, $20 USD Planet Earth and $500 Planet Mars).

Whatever you do, download the damn tracks and spread the propaganda! I’ve already pre-ordered my copy, and it will make a welcome addition to my growing collection of Binärpilot dance tracks!

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