Piss poor again

My work place fudged up — oh, sorry, they fucked up — my last two pay slips. But since they tend to do this every year towards the last three months I didn’t want to have to pay back an advance until January like last year, so I told them I’d try to get by. And that I was fucking disappointed in them for making the same error twice, muttering something under my breath about The Theory of Evolution by means of Natural Selection..

I woke up this nice Saturday morning, Lady C fast asleep ’cause she’s working nights this weekend, and headed out for coffee. The financial situation has been caving in on me since last pay day, but it didn’t really hit me until I got this from the ATM:

I'm broke

81 crowner.. That’s like 1,62 beers at the pubs in Oslo. Or maybe 3 cups of regular coffee. So I had to ditch my plans of going out to actually see some people (like, optically speaking). Of course, it’s not like I’m sitting at home, listening to the Chillout song and sobbing over a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
I can’t fucking afford a Ben & Jerry’s.

No. This is the high castle of guilt induced labor. Or at least it’s supposed to be. So I spent my last crowners on these lovely letter shelves so I can efficiently use this Saturday in the service of productivity, going through a decade of whimsical mystery writing like some sort of Brazilian bureaucrat;

Brilliant shelves

And I took these pictures to document my progress..

Study evening of 06th of November 2010

Study evening of 06th of November 2010

Luckily, Lady C – who’s working tonight as well – bought me a four pack of Guinness from our common food fund. That’s right, my girlfriend bought me alcohol from our federal reserves to make sure I wouldn’t run up the walls.. That’s because she loves me as much as I love my medicine.

Saturday evening

If you squint your eyes the right way you can see Sigg3.net in the background of the shot there. The very web page that so far seems to have survived the 5th of November 2010, much like the British Parliament 1605.. I think the medicine’s working.

Screw this, I’m gonna go check out some of the DVDs I borrowed from Koew, pass out in front of the TV, watching the fireplace. Cheerio!

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