Truckin' November 2010, Vol. 9, Issue 11: Not who you think it is

Spread the love, people. Spread it like a venereal disease. Spread it far and wide, honey. Spread it like money. Spread it on a sandwich – just above the lil’ layer of home-churned butter, right below the egg and spam and egg and spam. Spread it like spam. spread it like the Wu Tang clan. Highly esteemed author of , doctor writes:

The November issue features the return of everyone’s favorite Norwegian scribe, Sigg3. Wolynski is back for a third issue in a row with another peculiar celebrity encounter. Dan England contributed to Truckin’ in the past and he shared a tale about adrenaline junkies. This issue also marks the debut of Adam J. Weise’s piece on his experiences in Africa. And lastly, I whipped up a short story about my favorite topic — addicts.


Hot August Night by
I never particularly liked Neil Diamond. I always thought that he was fake cool and not tough, like if he and Van Morrison got into a fight, Van would kick the living shit out of him…

The Fat Kid by Sigg3
I was brought up in a Christian home, so when my mother decided that me and Tom would walk to school together, then her little rat spy Jesus would tell on me if I didn’t. And so me and Tom walked to school together for the next decade or so…

The Stain by
The maid pulled back the bedspread, turned the blanket over and gasped. Everyone gasped and gathered round the bed not quite believing their eyes. Right in the middle of the bed was the biggest, ugliest brown stain you’ve ever seen – someone had taken a dump in the Presidential bed and housekeeping did not catch it…

Getting High by Dan England
You run 8,000 feet up the mountain over almost 14 miles, and just when you’re really getting tired, your oxygen gets cut in half. Oh, the pain is so sweet when you’re on your fourth hour, and you can barely breathe, and cramps are knocking on your door. The endorphins are just sweeping through at that point…

Dar es Salaam by Adam J. Weise
I went to buy two bottles of water and after the vendor overcharged me Billy loudly demanded an explanation in Swahili to which her reply was that she didn’t have the correct change so she figured shortchanging me was a completely legitimate thing to do. For good reason white people are the target of beggars and street children and many a friendly conversation devolves into an outstretched hand and word “please” being repeated over and over while awkwardness ensues…

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