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Thanks to my female of the year contest, I guess, I´ve managed to boost the hits up to a 200% of what´s normal: 65,000 hits only in November 2003!

Seems those girls were a good idea:)

Now, for the usage by country through this month:
The Swedish, which usually haven´t had much of an interest in my website seems to be getting one, since they´ve jumped from a 10th or 15th place on a regular basis, to the 1st! 12,000 of my hits are from Swedish servers. Now, I don´t know what attracts you, so please send me an e-mail about it, and do keep coming. Heck! Invite your friends too!

The hits from Latino-American countries have also jumped abit, which is great, and Iceland has (surprisingly) got some interest in what´s going on on the site too. Thanks!

As for newcomers, I´m glad to welcome Costa Rica, Belize and Finland! Welcome to the site! 2 of my hits are from old Arpanet servers, and if those who dropped by could tell me something more about this, I´d be glad. Thanks for dropping by and welcome back to you all. Time for a beer.

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