The Items Checklist Administrative Initiative 2010

I am currently sitting in a conference room right here! It’s real nice, actually, and though the dinner yesterday was really great the bacon this morning was ecological and tasteless. But you soon forget it, when you hang here:

Refsnes mansion

Attending meeting! Discussing ITEM! after ITEM! on our schedule; "Clean up after yourself" posters for the WCs, "Cleaning windows in the basement before X-mas", "remove bicycles FIRE HAZARD from the hallway" blah blah blah. I am not a janitor.

Too much cognac yesterday, which is what happens when you combine poor academics and a free bar. And TELEVISION! I had live moving images on the hotel room wall last night, watching how the rings around Saturn could give us a great deal of information regarding the creation of the smaller planets during the late heavy bombardment. And a happy-smiling Sigg3 with cognac breath enjoying the dull stupefying entertainment requiring no critical thought whatsoever.

Ah, but that was much needed!

The entire day yesterday was spent doing exercises of communication based on organizational psychology, read: Johari Window, which being a philosopher is incredible annoying. Alright, I can give you that the gestalt switch from especially crafted images are thought-provoking, but they do not serve as evidence for a conscious choice! On the contrary. Yes, I see a naked couple and not 10 dolphins but that’s because the image is made that way and not because I raped your mother. Which I did too. Here’s my window:

Johari Window
Fill in the blanks.

I can’t take these PR people. My non-philosopher administrative colleagues absolutely adore these people. I should check out what kind of money he makes, ’cause I could detect some 1 hour of preparation to that entire day of work. Work that we did, incidentally. *burp* Here’s my theory of better communication. Fuck it.

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