We're back! On the 403:Forbidden error

Whenever I see my website down I feel like there’s a little angel inside, with no job security, that’s mortgaged everything from here to eternity and only wanted to join the circus and have coffee & scones.. Or in the words of Hugo Simberg: «Fucking angels think they’re exempt from getting hit in the eye by a superball.»

Cheesy analogies aside, Sigg3.net was down for about a week due to a drive by exploitation a vulnerability I was made aware of some 5 years ago. And I secured the Sigg3.net blog against them accordingly. However, it turned out that I had forget to secure another blog hosted on the same user. Blah blah blah blah. By way of a DOS using this vulnerability, the user apparently was able to upload a php file containing the PHP Shell by stealth scripts, that gives the attacker a remote shell. Silly me.

In addition to that it took some time getting an effective correspondence with my host since they are in the middle of their migration pains and I was reading for and conducting my exam. But now we’re back!

My host was able to get my image scripts up and running too after some issues brought on by the migration. You see, I separate those scripts from my blog account so that if I am attacked I won’t have any downtime. Yeah, that’s right.

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