Scariest picture of the day: Advent calendar

When I grew up I was so poor that we couldn’t afford to buy Advent calendars like the other kids got, so we had to make or break our own. I remember my mother bought a candle, where every 1 cm was one day less before x-mas. Yay.

Of course, later on, this poverty strikes me as a valuable chance to flaunt my moral superiority above the rest of you assholes out there. So, here’s the advent calendar I made myself, drawn in urine and blood, because we couldn’t afford crayons either:'s rendition of Santa

I found it when unpacking my stuff two weeks ago. You can see by the number boxes surrounding that this supposedly served as my advent calendar, as I sat up in the attic chewing on the sole of my shoe..

I don’t know about you but that shit freaks me out. His hands and arms are hidden underneath that long jacket.. Like Keanu Reeves does. But that’s nothing compared to the eyes however. There’s nothing but evil in those eyes. And it’s coming for you. One numbered box at the time..

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