Happy New Year!

Just stopping by to wish you all the best for Year 2011: The Year I try to stay in touch!

I think the best way to break down this X-mas is to say that it’s been pretty crowded. For better or worse, we brought mine and Lady C’s family together in our (99.8%) finished apartment. The only thing remaining are a few wall outlets for the RG-6 and CAT6A network cables, but as I told you before they are working as they should:

Testing the hallway CAT6A  CAT6a network in the works
See more construction pictures here: Extreme DIY 2009/2010

As you also know we bought in a lot of beer. Too much, it turned out, as the respective families brought their own liquor. So remember, children, if Santa didn’t bring you what you wanted this year it could be due to financial crisis, alright? Lady C’s mother was the last one to leave this Tuesday morning, after which both me and Lady C could let our shoulders down and just breathe. I took a day off work Tuesday and slept until noon the remaining days of the week. There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do at work, but as C said; my time’s already bought and paid for..

And today? I’ve done me chores.
Lady C’s working this evening unfortunately, so we had a late, long breakfast until she had to run for work. She’ll be off-duty again right before midnight New Year’s Eve, and go to work again tomorrow at 6 am. When she left I began cleaning up, putting stuff in the dishwasher and the cleaner, fold dried clothes, put on new sheets and making the place look respectable again. Picture taken 5 minutes ago:

X-mas at home

Yeah, it ain’t too shabby. Anyway, as Lady C will be away and all my friends are sort of divided in three groups I’ll be dining alone this New Year’s Eve before joining them around 10 o’clock. Frozen pizza – Grandiosa – is the last meal of year 2010, and I am really looking forward to it! New Year’s Eve is sort of me and Lady C’s anniversary (3 years!) so there’ll be plenty of gourmet food for us tomorrow, while we had turkey yesterday. As I write this I listen to the fireworks as my neighbors fire up whatever they have. The couple living right above us are expecting a baby yesterday, but it didn’t arrive, while those below have gone to their cabin. It’s just me, some jazz music and a frozen pizza. I can’t wait to see Lady C around midnight, and watch the fireworks display they put up downtown.

And what about the year that passed? The 2010 of great expectations?

I think 2010 was a rather exhausting year. Not to be an ass about it, but let’s face it; it was a lot of work from the get-go (reminder: Extreme DIY 2009/2010), and I felt we were almost there every step of the way. Enter summer vacation which we’d already bought and paid for, and I felt guilty for not staying at home and finish the construction project. Not that I didn’t enjoy the relaxing days up north, I really needed them. But still.. We got home and continued working at work, home AND STUDYING for an exam. Since we couldn’t make good on our X-Mas invitation last year it was expected – and we expected – to pull it through this year. Add a cold wind from Siberia gushing over Norway since late October and you’ve got yourself a whole lot of we just gotta pull through.

Clearing the driveway
"I’m sick of the f**king snow! King Winter can kiss my ass."

My list of stuff to-do before this particular, one and a half year old project is 100% complete, is as short as: Finish up networking and clean up the glue stains on the hallway floor. That’s it!

For me 2010 was the year of Getting behind the mule! and just getting the job done, one step at the time. But now that our apartment’s finished, I realize that it’s now that it really starts! Real life. The actually working for petty cash and studying for the future. There will be changes in 2011, which I will not delve into here, but I’m pretty excited about them. It involves using all the free time we have been spending on construction work on art and philosophy instead, on building the future (and a home media center), and getting in touch with real life — which totally evades the home builder when you’re taking care of entrepreneurs, purchasing materials, finishing a ceiling for the fourth time or making an effin’ wall. And of course, stay in touch with friends and ourselves. I hope year 2011 will be the year I stay in touch with people I care about. At least I’ll give it a try.

I hope you enjoyed 2010 yourself and can look forward to the year 2011 too. Happy New Year!

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