If you have to use Windows, use Windows 7

I know there are still missing drivers and legacy issues, but it’s about time to fold the old operating system and head towards the future. Whether it’s GNU/Linux or Windows, I think it’s time to pave the way for 64-bit. Yes, I know the HIMEM kernel options and Physical Address Extension (PAE) but 64-bit will allow better use of the processors as well. And if you have to use Windows for some reason, please go for Windows 7 64-bit (Pro or Ultimate).

If nothing else, then to save IT dept. a lot of time.

I re-installed XP Pro 32-bit on a machine this morning from a Service Pack 3 OEM CD, and it’s currently installing 98 important updates with a download size of 404MB. That’s before all the new stuff like the latest media player, desktop search, .NET stuff and its security updates, while NOT counting "third-party" security updates that come in the wake of IE8 and MSSE. The downloads from Microsoft update on a "new system" (with Service Pack 3 pre-installed) totalled at 843 MB, when skipping some of the latest and greatest.

And yes, I know about imaging and unattended setups, but there are some issues with images on some SSDs these days that result in BSODs, so I like to do it the old fashioned way.

During the install I also noticed that the Install button (link) to Mozilla Firefox on Microsoft’s Browser Choice program does not resolve and times out. What gives?

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