Scariest picture of the day: Evil Asian or Stock Photo FAIL?

I just sat down at the reception to cover for our receptionist, when I opened Norwegian "news" site Nettavisen and came across this little gem:

Evil Asian or Stock Photo fail?

The article’s title is: Are you dreaming about "The Good Life"? and is a superficial take on a survey published in Science magazine about our lives (more in English here) which apparently shows that a wandering mind is not a happy mind (as predicted by buddhism). It’s an interesting topic and all, and I’ll certainly come back to it, but in the meanwhile try to figure that out by looking at the pretty picture. It doesn’t really work, does it? She look happy to you?

To me it’s clear that this Asian woman is a venerable old hag, a true witch, and she’s putting her hexing spell on this poor young visitor to Thailand. I mean, look at her! She’s in dying agony! Though not a scratch on her! Must be evil Asian. Or perhaps stock photo fail.

Converesely, what kind of product or situation would this photo accurately depict?

Sudden abortion? Brain freeze? Finding out you were adopted? No more beer in the fridge? Some bicyclist ran passed her and punched her in the stomach, and she’s short of air? It was her turn to wear the blue dress? She’s half the audience in a smashing rock concert? She hurried to breakfast but they were all out of bacon? She fell asleep in the US only to wake up in the first season of Lost? Her puppy died of cancer? Asian chick just farted? Her aunt just showed her Two girls one cup? Or It works with everything except the story intended. Equals FAIL.

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