Drupal 7 it is

I’ve decided I want to go the full monty and install Drupal 7.

"Why?" You ask, "my god, Sigg3, have you lost your mind? Here, have an ice cream while I talk to you, son. Look.. Nobody cares, alright? Whether it be Drupal this or Drupal that. Just install the damn thing. And get yourself laid, will ya? Geez!"

Stop interrupting my blog posts you bizarre, cowboy-imitating imaginary friend. You’re not my imaginary friend. You’re just imaginary. Go back to Brokeback Mountain with your damn ice cream! I’m gonna write about Drupal 7 whether you like it or not.

So I hung around in #drupal on irc.freenode.net all day yesterday, asking whether I should go for Drupal 6 or 7. I was met with a wall of silence… Or really just a few hours worth’ of people logging in and out, probably answering support requests from days before. Gotta love IRC. In IRC, nobody can hear you scream.

But this is my argument: I only have blog posts, comments, categories and permanent links to worry about. AFAIK these are all taken care of Core modules or close-to-core and therefore heavily developed modules. They should already be present in Drupal 7. The world of Drupal is new to me (but it’s sexy!) and it will take some time to get to know the different modules I should use or avoid. But the release window of each major version is 2 years, so going for Drupal 6 will prompt me to install 7 or 8 in about a year’s time. I wan’t to get it over with now, so I can spend at least three years getting to know the system. Who knows, maybe I don’t have electricity then. At all. Running everything on a shoe string budget, stealing electric power from the air waves and the Earth’s magnetic field.

All you WordPress wannabees are probably wandering about me worrying so much about which version to choose, but major releases in Drupal can and usually will differ so much that something breaks. They only guarantee that your data survives; which to me is one of their greatest features. But it’s about time to get reading all those Drupal books that I’ve bought, and never more than glanced at. They’re all about prior versions, but they’ll hopefully provide me some insight into the Drupal vocabulary, taxonomy and themeing.

Because one day, one shiny, brilliant day, Sigg3.net will be all new on the inside, with a glorious new theme on the outside! (No cowboys attached.) In the meantime, there’s always Pokemon.

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