Last 7 CDs I bought..

It was a winter sale and I got each of them for 49NOK..

  • Leonard Cohen – Death Of A Ladies’ Man 
  • Leonard Cohen – New Skin For The Old Ceremony 
  • Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On 
  • Oasis – Familiar To Millions 
  • Elvis Presley – The Essential (2CD) 
  • Shakira – MTV Unplugged 
  • Cornelis Vreeswijk – En Fattig Trubadur 

… but really, I can’t afford these shopping sprees. But then, most of these are classics. Except for the Shakira one. You know I like Shakira’s butt and everything, but her music? Actually, you should check out her MTV unplugged. I don’t have many Spanish singing records. Then everything’s good on MTV Unplugged. I can’t wait to hear Kraftwerk on MTV unplugged. Can I fit in MTV unplugged in any more sentences? I guess I can’t. The Elvis Presley – The Essential CDs are not MTV unplugged. They are plugged. And not by MTV. But I digress.

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