From my Outbox: Yoga

In this "feature" I present to you e-mails that I have sent-to-all at work. They are mostly about local matters at work, this one as a response to the company sports team. Click here to search for more: From my Outbox

Here’s the original e-mail I got:
Dear all,
Some of your colleagues have expressed an interest in participating in yoga classes as part of the collective activities in the company sports team. The idea would be to have a yoga teacher come to us, once per week for one hour. If enough people are interested, we will consider making this a more fixed arrangement, which might involve some kind of small financial contribution.

The class will be open to all – no yoga experience necessary! Yoga focuses on breathing exercises intended to slowly build up core strength, improve posture, and generally make you feel good.

Best regards,
Your Venerable Company Sports Team Representative

I think you’ll find that the goal of yoga is in fact liberation from all wordly suffering and the cycle of birth and death.. sort of the embodiment of your average Friday. It involves the entertaining prospect of light pornography but only the sure promise of a wild bouquet of body odours.

Why can’t we go squirrel hunting?
Let’s just ditch the upper-middle class and go straight for nobility!


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