Last five pics

So there has been a lot of things happening, but I’m so busy working that I can’t remember any of it. Good thing my photographual image apparatus has its own photographic memory, eh? Here’s the latest from my flickr page:

Bryggen in Bergen
Here’s the Bryggen (The German Wharf) from our hotel room in Bergen.
Lady C upgraded our room so we had a nice view of the Bryggen and a balcony! And boy was it worth it! I exposed myself — viz.
full frontal nudity — to the Tidende passenger boats, a barge and a warship from the navy on exercise..

Need a hand?
This is a
get your nails done kind of place, close to our hotel in Bergen. Seriously, these people aren’t even trying to get customers. Look at the white V-hand!

Big!! Baguettes!
So I was on a hat-themed birthday party to one of C’s friends when I really had to use the bathroom. #2 big time. I check the toilet seat, put my cheeks down and tend my diorrhea. I look up from the foul brown massacre to see this: Student rebates on
BIG!! Baguettes! Gotta wonder how much they pay for this kind of product placement? Or to avoid it?

The Oslo Devil
.. or a badger, perhaps? I took this on my way to work one morning, crossing the Oslo Botanical Garden. For some reason I had to stop and document the evidence. I was all
could it really be the Jersey Devil on the move?

Oslo S by night (Feb 2011)
Downtown Oslo S at night
I know it’s a bad photo, blurry and hell, but I was lucky to get it since there was a lot of people there waiting for the tram with me. I love this town.

There are more pictures over at my flickr page! I will be doing some more of these in the coming week, but I am currently occupied translating the Zenwalk GNU/Linux 7.0 manual that will end up here:

It has been a long and hard week (9.3 hours per day on average) so we don’t have much planned for the weekend. I think that’s for the best, given that the Nordic World Ski Championship will be raping Oslo on a day to day basis starting 5 days from now. We’ll be attending the cross country event on the 26th of February, 15 kilometers Pursuit Ladies… because I’ve been known to — Pursuit ladies… Whababam!

Alright, my boss tells me it’s time for me to log OFF the Internet and get some more work done. Or COFFEE! Have a nice weekend, folks!

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