Weird work-related dreams

I very much dislike these winter months. They are dark and extremely cold, so you simply move from building to building, and live and breathe in fluorescentlit hallways, offices or bathing in the LED light of your widescreen telly.

I’m very much a bear, and I should be hibernating now, not running around with ethernet cables. Alas, society thinks nothing of me. My condition is inherited and cultural, it’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder which makes you SAD, or winterly depressed, and an extremely good worker. Japanese studies show that depressed people work twice as hard. This entire week I’ve been coming into work at 9 o’clock. That’s unprecedented. And my weird dreams are work-related. Here’s 3 I remember:

You gotta save Iceland!
When I recall dreams I always seem to begin in medias res. This could be because I’m lazy and didn’t bother justifying the status quo by prior events (or a past whatsoever), or simply because I forgot. Anyway, I’m in Iceland (never been there) and this bearded dude is worked up about Iceland’s cultural heritage.

Apparently, they have some kind of ancient papyrus scripture that is written in what type the guy says is extremely hard to fathom. I was reading an article on Timbuktu in National Geographics before going to sleep, so it was probably inspired by the photos of ancient handwriting. But in my dream I seem to recognize the elder scrolls, slowly slowly, until I realize that it is the source code of a cluttered, obsolete blog written in PHP. On papyrus scrolls. With // * comments in old-norse *

So I am in Iceland, they are losing their precious cultural heritage and I am reading what my mind conjures up as the Beowung tool*, so that little by little I can get the tool up and running on similarly ancient hardware, restoring a running version of Iceland’s complete history. This is when I wake up exhausted and has to run to work. From this dream you can draw that: I am awesome and Iceland must be saved. Both of which is true. (* creativity is hibernating)

Me and Lady C are on a road trip to somewhere from somewhere (always so specific) when we for some reason or other (see?) stop by the house of a guy that I work with. It’s an old tree house, he has a bunch of kids and we sort of just go on to explore the entire building — with my brother, who mysteriously appears.

I discover that his self-setup home automation rig really sucks. Use LinuxMCE. For some reason, this fills me with elated joy. I think that this image really sums up my professional opinion of him too, being that he can’t keep his hands away from stuff he shouldn’t be dealing with despite a complete lack of competence and ultimate failures. In this dream I am still Awesome.

New Zealand hunting
This is a nightmarish dream I had at the beginning of the week, and I was hunting in New Zealand. But as is always the case: the hunter BECOMES the hunted. The script writers of 75% of all nature shows every produced just came in their pants.

So I’m like on the shore of really tall New Zealand, staring down into the azure-coloured waters, spear fishing for Whale Sharks (Rhincodon typus). And I’m doing good for a while there, when I start drifting towards the urban areas of New Zealand. Of which there are a few, apparently. When I encounter a CAVE BEAR!

I spend the rest of the dream escaping the cave bear, a pack of wolves and the whale sharks that seem to watch me from the ocean, in the Haiti-like urban New Zealand. In this dream I am awesome. How many do you know who spear fish for whale sharks? But I am not sure whether it had anything to do with work or if it’s some Jane Austen novel kicking through the subconscious. Anyway, why can’t it be summer already! Give it up ye terrible weathergods!

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