No News is Good News on April Fool's Day!

If you weren’t ignoring the web and entirely yesterday you may have noticed my funny little gimmick of wrapping it inside a Microsoft Notepad window, text-only? That is, unless you were using GNU/Linux, Internet Explorer or a mobile browser.. I didn’t have anything planned, and no time to test it, but I feel the outcome was alright: April Fool's Day 2011

You can still view a "live version" in Firefox here: index-010411.html
And you must vote for it here:

Were you fooled by anyone yesterday?
I was fooled the moment I fired up my browser at work. I saw a notice that a survey a third-party had done of our employees on had been lost because the third-party had forgot to pay a license, and we had to re-submit the survey in PDF to this and that e-mail address. I just though: fuck them, and didn’t think more of it until I worked with and realized he was joking….. And the verdict is: LAME.

So, being that we’re developing and testing a (painful) in-house timesheet solution at work I wrote an e-mail that Administration’s decided that the solution will not be standard anymore and that all employees must manually plot and e-mail their hours in an Excel spreadsheet to the gals in accounting, with 30 immediate responses. Verdict: Kick Ass!

I thought of something better for the family though. Here’s my genius idea: Let’s just tell close family members that Lady C is pregnant, and NOT tell Lady C, so that when they call Lady C to congratulate her the joke’s on them? Brilliant!

Except from the part where family members were frantically calling each other instead, each one getting excited (positively and negatively) over the news of our firstborn. I would say we learned a lot about what our parents think of us yesterday. None of the mothers were amused, my dad was pissed because he’d fallen for it and C’s dad ran into the lobby shouting he was going to be a grandpa…. and I TOTALLY REDEEMED MYSELF!

The morale is this: Don’t trust anyone April 1st. That’s all. Until next year!

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