Happy Easter!

I just wanted to swing by and tell you that!

OMG it's 200 pictures of Jesus!

It’s zombie week here in Norway, while we wait for Jesus to DIE and then RESURRECT; and people do nothing but eat fatty foods and get drunk. But like Jesus our Saviour said: "It’s only fun for a while.." Sure, you can look that up!

So, I’m actually at work right now, as is Lady C, pulling the extra shifts and putting bread on the table. And I thought I’d swing by and wish you a happy Easter. Like this: Happy Easter!

But then I realized I have not fulfilled my annual duties. I have not made more Jesus pictures (but I will) so you’ll have to settle with 200 pictures of Jesus. I haven’t updated my Truckin’ posts either, and this is just because I’ve been having some issues with the passage of time. I don’t like it and neither should you! The passage, that is.

Bare with Sigg3. or Bear with Sigg3.I’m currently employed in a 100% position, not studying, not writing, just barely breathing. And in addition, I’ve begun working out at least thrice a week, which renders me a stinking pulp of sweat at the end of the evening. Hence, no sugar rush left to yank out any literary or merely entertaining pieces at the pace that I’m used to. Like the passage of time, though, it’ll pass and things will get better. In the meanwhile, just bare with me. Or bear with me. (See illustration.)

Apart from today I’ll just be staying at home reading Asimov’s Foundation novels and watching DVDs. We already had our Mandatory Family Meeting on Wednesday; just the siblings present, egg painting, roast lamb leg and lots of beer and wine. Lady C will be working nights today and tomorrow, so she’s practically a zombie already. Walking to work today the Global Climate Change had conveniently focused on East Oslo so I could traverse the populated parks in nothing but a t-shirt. Until I was told to put some bloody pants on.

I’ll be backing up my Nokia N95 telephone for the last time. I got myself a (Samsung) Google Nexus S from work about a month ago, but the Nokia’s so integral to my day-to-day life that I can’t jump ship without consequence. So the Easter holiday is great for easing the transition, just like in Jesus’ time. If I can get my shit together, I’ll probably do some cabling as well as brushing up the list of HiFi gear we’re gonna buy with money we don’t have. These are quiet days, days for contemplation and reflection.. and getting to know the Android operating system. I hope you’ll have a Happy Easter too! Don’t choke on all the chocolate!

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