Pollresults on "What's your most used social network protocol?"

There hasn’t been an update in the Weekly polls since, what, EVER? If EVER’s in the last two years, then yes. (Nice try, Sigg3, how about January 8th 2008?.) This is probably something you shouldn’t actually write, just think, and ignore. Anyway, in order of appearance:

What’s your most used social network protocol?
Instant Messaging (MSN, Yahoo, Pidgin): 15%
IP phone IMs (Skype): 2%
SMS/MMS text messaging (online and phone): 47%
Facebook or similar: 2%
E-mailing and mailing lists: 13%
Internet Relay Chat (IRC): 0%
Message boards and internet forums: 0%
Community sites and blogging: 2%
Face-to-face and traditional tech: 15%

Number of votes: 38

I don’t feel these results are accurate at all since the poll’s been going steady for like, three years, I’m probably 50% of the respondents. I would bet SMS and Facebook to be on top. And since the sort-by-category function doesn’t work right now (or ever) people don’t (or can’t) look it up either. This is what Isaac Asimov‘s talking about right here. THE DECLINE OF AN EMPIRE starts with a blog, ye mark my words. I’m glad to finally update it.

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