Charlie Bit My Finger (revisited) and a Maddox interview

You’ve already seen Charlie Bit Me. But you haven’t seen this:

Fucking thing almost gave me a heart-attack! But if that wasn’t enough for you tough fellas, you should check out the recent Maddox interview at Rantlister dot com. It’s a down to earth interview with possibly . I mean, when asked what a perfect day is like, Maddox replies: «Every day I’m alive is a perfect day.»

That’s philosophy for you. And what about politics?
«Everyone bitching about Osama being treated according to Islamic tradition needs to shut the fuck up because I’m pretty sure Islamic tradition doesn’t include getting shot in the face.»

Maddox has you covered. Did you know that he got his name from a Japanese anime show called Maddx-01? Awesome. Go read the interview then. That’s enough caffeine for this week. I hope you’ll have a good one!

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