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I was getting ready to board the tram going homewards yesterday evening, when I got behind an elderly couple who took their time to get up the stairs, naturally. While I was waiting in line behind them I felt a nibble in my backpack. I turned but there was nothing, so I turned back. I felt another nibble, turned again, and again no one in close proximity to my backpack.

To be sure I put my hands in my pockets to shield the wallet and my Nexus S. Then, while entering the tram, a woman leaned forward saying: "Yeah, you better hold on to that, if you get my drift." I nodded.

Without removing my hands from my pockets I sat down on the nearest available seat, and looked up and straight into the eyes of the two long fingered East Europeans behind me, who both looked away immediately. Not a second later the tram driver announced on the PA that we have pickpockets entering the tram so please keep an eye on your belongings! This means that the driver recognized them from before, probably from an arrest.

AND EVERYBODY turned and looked at the two fuckers as they spread out to each their seats near people with loose handbags and the like. I pointed them out to the lady next to me, speaking just loud enough that the four people in close proximity could hear, and then they pointed them out and so on. The two fucking cowards had to get off on the next stop before people would go physical on their ass.

People taking care of each other when distasteful shit goes down, that’s community for you. You may think it’s harsh to want to kick their fucking teeth in, but these guys are not starving and if they wanted an honest job there are plenty around. We’ve done research to get to know these people, and mostly they are repeat-offenders sneaking in to Norway because they’re recognized by police in their hometown. They are laughing at us is what they do, and they even brag about how easy doing time in Norway is. That does not raise sympathy in my beating heart, just useless anger. If we had been more people together there, we should have photographed them and put their faces up everywhere: BEWARE! THIEVING SCUMBAGS!

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