Happy Birthday Vixen & Big Bro

You may have wondered why, why God why, of all things did we go bowling after the rapture on Saturday. Well, it was to celebrate Vixen who turned 25 years old. Today! Congratulations!

wow Happy Birthday Vixen! wow

wow wow wow wow wow

Vixen and Lady C’s older brother also turns 32 or something today! Congrats!

Indeed we partied like it was 1999. First we bowled at Oslo Bowling‘s disco bowling course. Team Argonauts (3) vs. The NippleTwisters (4), of which the former won spectacularly. On the last run Lady C hit 3 strikes in a row while I on the other hand struggled to evade the lucid lure of the gutters. Alas, my hip is most unappreciative about the whole matter today.

Then we went on to some Mexican Taco-looking joint called Luna Park, where we essentially rocked the place until closing time. I was on a straight San Miguel diet, while there was no stopping Lady C on her Sambuca frenzy. She was up a few hours after bedtime puking her guts out, poor thing. Sunday afternoon was spent dozing off in front of the TV, avoiding any channel with fast-moving imagery or people drinking alcohol, sucking on a Taco Lasagne dinner from Toro that I painfully made from scratch. I strongly recommend going for either Taco or Lasagne but not both together. It’s a marriage made in hell. All in all a good weekend and a great party!

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