Listening to ccmixter & ditto ditto

While writing a couple of thousand lines in XHTML 1.0 STRICT today, I was listening to random tunes from the previously introduced service called Dig.

There was a lot of great ambient/electro/hip-hop tunes that worked out nice with the tedious work and really turned this day around. From the top of my head Shame (dogmix) and don’t you run (jazz mix) by oldDog, Eye Magic Mix by Lasswell, and Persephone by Snowflake. Then you had the involuntary hilarious Sunrise by Admiral Bob which they pronounced "Samurais", not to forget the sweet samba tune Madrugada a la Gil Evans by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra.

It strikes me how good some of these productions are. Just coming across something like the great voice samples, songs and music by ditto ditto counts as good luck in the record store any day. Be sure to check out the top three below:

  1. ditto ditto
  2. Aimée(s)..but you are..!
  3. Freedom in our Voices

I link to the mp3s but you can listen chronologically online by visiting the artist page of ditto ditto. It’s all good and all Creative Commons licensed.

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