Last five pics

Here are some pictures that I’ve take with the Nexus S lately:

Museum of Something Something
The Museum of Something Something
It’s from the Botanical Garden in Oslo. I love this building, it reminds me of home..

Black Bike
Beautiful Black Bike
I saw this beautiful black bike on my way to work one day..

Staring straight at the sun
That Jurassic Park feeling
"No we can’t. Because we’re being hunted right now. Clever girl.."

My Street
This is where we live
It was pretty rainy on and around the 17th of May this year..

Fallen Tree 2
Gotta love sexy lumberjack chicks with chainsaws..
Even the light spring storm managed to bring down one of the tall old giants in the Botanical Garden of Oslo. The trunk still standing there is 2,5-3 meters tall..! It must’ve been some 10-15 meters tall altogether. Good thing no one was hurt.

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