Jack Tripper Stole My Dog! by Pauly McGuire

Since as long as I can remember (2002-2003 or something) has been writing on a book called Jack Tripper Stole My Dog!, and yesterday he could finally announce that it’s finally available for purchase!

Jack Tripper Stole My Dog cover

As a writer myself I can only imagine the anguish and pain bound to those leather bindings (paper hardback, really), what insane hours and what crazy obsessions such an undertaking requires of the human mind; when on top of it all he’s also running around reporting on poker at the Tao of Poker and churning out tales for the well-familiar Truckin’ e-zine. It’s a testament to him, his GF, and even we — the people — who have supported Pauly for so long. Congrats to everyone!

You can order it on Amazon here: tinyurl.com/JackTripperBook, which I just did. It’ll fit nicely into my library right next to Lost Vegas. Don’t expect the E-books until mid-June. All things considered, you should be set for a great weekend!

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