Weird Al Yankovic – Alpocalypse

One of my childhood (and adulthood) heroes, Weird Al Yankovic, has dropped his first album in 5-6 years called Alpocalypse already making headlines and getting people in the entertainment industry worried. Rumor has it, one of Lady Gaga‘s minions wanted trouble with Weird Al for his Perform this way (below) even though (rumor has it) the Lady herself really enjoyed it, and was/will be subsequently fired. The drama! According to Weird Al himself, as read on slashdot, Twitter saved his album from oblivion with their Love The Weird campaign.

I heard Party at the CIA on youtube yesterday when I wanted to go download the album to see if I wanted to purchase it. Turned out Weird Al beat me to it, and made his entire album available for streaming! Here’s the stream site and tracklist:

Stream Alpocalypse for free: Weird Al Yankovic ‘Alpocalypse’

  1. Perform This Way
  2. CNR
  3. TMZ
  4. Skipper Dan
  5. Polka Face
  6. Craigslist
  7. Party in the CIA
  8. Ringtone
  9. Another Tattoo
  10. If That Isn’t Love
  11. Whatever you like
  12. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me

Gotta admit, the man’s got talent. If you don’t know the classics, you must check out: Like a Surgeon (Madonna), Smells Like Nirvana (Nirvana), Eat It (Michael Jackson), Amish Paradise (Coolio), Fat (Michael Jackson), Trapped in the Drive-Thru (Iron Maiden), Headline News (Crash Test Dummies), I’ll Sue Ya (Rage Against the Machine) and White & Nerdy (Weird Al original) — each of which symbols of the time like Lady Gaga may be today. Gotta love the weirdness!

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