Do you live in Oregon, USA? Get my friend a wheelchair!

Hi there! If you live in Oregon, the United States of America, and like to make fun of people in wheelchairs, please consider donating money or a new or used wheelchair to my pal .

As you can see from the picture, Mike needs his wheelchair when he’s helping out doing volunteer work for the endangered pandas of China..

If you don’t live in Oregon, don’t like to make fun of people in wheelchairs or can’t donate anything due to the current financial situation (e.g. you’re Greek), please consider up-voting my friend’s plea for help on reddit so that more people read it:

In need of a new or used manual wheelchair

You can read Mike’s original post here: In Need of a New or Used Manual Wheelchair. He has a powered wheelchair and a regular one, but MedicAid will only pay for repairs on one of them (and guess which one is most expensive). Mike’s a good guy with Generalized Dystonia but you don’t want your sexy Asian daughters to hang around him too much, as a general advice. Help spread the word!

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