Just slacking off..

Bollicks to this, I’m off to Nordland!

We returned from Kristiansand safely yesterday having spent five nights in a humid tent. Tomorrow morning at 9 am we’re leaving for Nordland, right about here, where we can expect 9 degrees and rain for the next 7-8┬ádays.

Today having washed some clothes and re-packed our bags with warmer clothing, we went out and bought extra supplies of cheap literature, Yahtzee and a new deck of cards with girls on the back. Yay! My brother stopped by and barbecued to celebrate our last rays of sun for a week or so. While we’re up north, he’ll be going to Arendal to attend in an annual bingedrinking event involving inflatable boats called Gummibåtfestivalen. Godspeed bro!

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