USB tethering with Google Nexus S on Windows XP

I had great plans and a lot of work to do when I sat down by the laptop this evening when I experienced that the USB tether function of my Google Nexus S wasn’t all that plug-and-play it was jacked up to be. Here’s the gist of it, much thanks to Markus at the forums:

  1. Download the tetherxp.inf for Nexus S here 
  2. Plug in the phone to the machine 
  3. Turn on tethering on the phone 
  4. When the Found New Hardware wizard appears, select Advanced, click the Browse button and point it to the folder where the tetherxp.inf file resides 

I don’t know exactly why but my phone would not successfully download the official tetherxp.inf file from, but as you can see from Markus’s post the file I provide has only changed the lines referring to the Nexus One to refer to Nexus S. As a final tip, you should do this installation before leaving for the field where you may have to search and look through all this information on the phone with an Edge connection.. But finally I can get to work!

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