Norwegian Press and the Non-Stop Nyan Cat!

Since the terrorist attack in Oslo a week back the newspapers and media here in Norway have been feasting on the fear like starving vultures. Some people say that this is freedom of the press and we must protect journalism. But I suggest we’re experiencing a lack of journalism and a lack of civilized culture. Give me information, don’t give me emotion. Give me facts, don’t give me suggestions.

They’ve been repeating themselves since the first three days after the attack, slowly killing optimism in this country. What? I’m not allowed to smile and have fun any longer? Ironically, several psychological experts have been quoted in newspapers telling them how bad it is for everyone to return to the same filth on the front page day after day without pause.

So I say unto all of ya’ll calling yourselves journalists in this country: Brainless, without any depth and needlessly repetitive. But a lot less fun than the cat:)

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