Look! I'm learning! Sehen! Ich lehrne!

I’m starting this intensive German semester on Monday, and in that regard I bought the entire curriculum of 2 years’ worth of Deutsch in High School. I’ve traversed 50 pages in Reading and Work material since, with too much left that I’ll finish in time. But that’s of no worry, since the curriculum for my actual semester is pretty basic (to begin with). And I have learned a lot since Tuesday!

I have learned: letters and numbers, definite and indefinite article, verb conjugation in the present tense and words of property (mine, yours, theirs etc). And today I learned that in German fairy tales the shit(head) always wins… Let me explain that.

Fairy tales are based on numbers 3 and 7, with the third and seventh being the repetition that breaks the deal, things are said three times, and so on. In German "the third prince" translates to "der dritte Prinz" which in Norwegian sounds more or less like "dritt-Prinsen" (the Shit Prince). So when I read the German fairy tale Die Drei Brüder today, it was naturally der dritte Sohn or the Shit Son, that won his father’s competition.

So what if you don’t get it. It made me laugh. Remember kids, you can’t spell Freund without ‘Freud’! Have a nice weekend!

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