Tom Waits presents: "Bad as me"

Better let the man himself do the talking:

«Well, we have a situation here. I’m sorry we had to cut. But apparently there’s no such thing as private anymore. It’s an Internet thing where they say that it’s going to go out everywhere, into the bloodstream, I thought this was a private party — kind of a sneak preview for you and me, but apparently not.»

Join the Tom Waits Private Listening Party! Both and are still down. Well, Tom. Nothing says I love you like ‘the slashdot effect’, or a distributed denial-of-service attack, if you wanna be technical about it. Judging from the announcement it may seem as though Tom either doesn’t like someone else stealing his thunder online, or that someone tried to leak songs onto the undernet. Well, I wouldn’t think more of it. I don’t think a couple of bad apples will be able to ruin anything for anyone given the fast horses of digital information. And even if they did, they’re the same kinda bad as me.. Hopefully the new album can pay your bandwidth bills.

  1. Chicago 
  2. Raised Right Men 
  3. Talking At The Same Time 
  4. Get Lost 
  5. Face To The Highway 
  6. Pay Me 
  7. Back In The Crowd 
  8. Bad As Me 
  9. Kiss Me 
  10. Satisfied 
  11. Last Leaf 
  12. Hell Broke Luce 
  13. New Year’s Eve 
  14. She Stole The Blush (bonus cd only) 
  15. Tell Me (bonus cd only) 
  16. After You Die (bonus cd only) 

Track list courtesy of . You can read more about the album details over at his place. Apparently this is a 13 track album, with 3 bonus songs on the deluxe edition, to be relased October 25th. I’m looking forward to it!

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