Noam Chomsky on the American Empire

Noam Chomsky at Chateau Neuf, University of Oslo

Today’s Chomsky talk was historical/political: Changing Contours of World Order. As you can see, there was a lot of people attending, some 1100 people had to watch it streamed to a cinema in the basement of Chateau Neuf. I had a ticket though, and got the 3rd left seat at the very far back of the hall. Keywords for today was:

  • imperialism then and now (nothing’s changed much despite political commentators’ utter bafflement of the routine events of global domination), 
  • Reagan and the Grand Area Doctrine
  • NATO established as a buffer between (actual) European independence and the US, 
  • the "Loss of China", 
  • 9/11 1973 Latin America, 
  • friendly dictators and the Middle East, 
  • the financial system of the world (today) is so constructed that it necessarily must deny climate change (despite whatever opinions its proponents have individually). 

Interesting and eternally topical topics in both history and politics today, though not touching upon the deeper philosophical issues (both linguistically and ethically) that I have some knowledge about. I can wholeheartedly join those however, who appreciate Noam Chomsky as a leading intellectual of today and a bringer of peace through knowledge and communication. Kudos, and thanks for visiting us, mr. Chomsky! You have given me lots to think about.

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