Bedside conversations auf deutsch

Despite my outmost effort to stay completely mysterious and inaccessible to common folk, my newly assigned courses in German language forces me to work in groups during our 1-hour seminars a couple of times a week. Here’s me using a new word in a sentence:

– "Das junge Mädchen hat keine fingerspitzengefühl…"
– Das ist sehr gut, Sigg3.
– "aber ich -"
– Ja, das ist ganz genug!

I can’t help but feel like a porn star whenever I speak German. Kriege ein Bier.

2 thoughts on “Bedside conversations auf deutsch

  1. “I can’t help but feel like a porn star whenever I speak German.”

    Oh, great! I though I was the only one. Though technically, a woman speaking German sounds like a porn star. A guy speaking German sounds like a Nazi from Yugoslavian war movies about partisans.

    … Hey, I thought it was a common knowledge!

  2. Right, right. But I mean, picture your grandad/mum saying: "Kommen Sie hier, bitte."
    With a strangled laugh in their throat.. We have these kind of listening tapes on mp3 that I listen to on the bus, and I sometimes laugh out loud because it’s so porn-y.

    It’s just made for porn. Ironically, I find most German porn unarousing..

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