I should've been in class now

Only the students at the Faculty of Theology drink more coffee than we do at the Faculty of Better thinking but ours does alas not receive the divine blessing, and as such double-serves as a liquid laxative.

That does not entail less coffee, only sore bum.

We all have our little ways to maintain, and mine is to seek refuge in the single WCs at the Faculty of Linguistics, that are never in use and always clean. I don’t know why but many Asians go there learning English (in Norway, go figure). Asian schoolgirls don’t poop.

They also have motion detectors that regulate the light-saving. Today I learned that it is possible to sit long enough reading Slashdot on the cell for the sensors to deem you a fixed object.

It raised an existential problem, that was greatly underlined when the lights refused to go back on from within the WC. With pants around the ankles I fumbled for the handle only to expose myself to a class of Anime characters. "Oh, fuck."
Wonder how long etiquette dictates I should avoid the bathrooms for my daily meditation.. The scientific faculties’ have no comprehension of the refined art of toiletry, and force men of fine culture, such as myself, to relieve my bowels in the vicinity of common folk.

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