Just before I forget, congratulations are in order for Lady C, Vixen and me, but more importantly to their brother A and his girlfriend T who gave birth to a baby boy today! Yes, you can call me Uncle Sigg3.

wow Happy Birthday [untitled] ! wow

wow wow wow wow wow

I’ve been dusting off my vast historical knowledge in order to rightly name the child, still untitled or it, if you want to be personal. I think my late reading of Prussian kings can be of great help, especially if they allow descriptive names; such as "the wise" or "the crooknosed" granted that he sports such characteristics, of course. "The gifted" is vague enough to fit anything. Use "the plump" if you want to have something that fits the baby right now. Or "the pink", perhaps.

Preferably, you should call the kid something you like. Not as in "something you like" but as instantiated by something you like. Take Guiness for instance. I think it’s a great name. Just consider: "Here, have a Guinness, Guinness!" Got a nice ring to it. And it’s not going to get your kid into any trouble either, like Marijuana or Doobie most certainly will. Just a tip. Cheers!

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