Michael Park leaves blogging behind

‘s domain is expiring in about 2 weeks, but he has decided to not renew the domain. I am sad to see such a long term online friend disappear from "the neighbourhood" — Michael has been dear help to Sigg3.net since 2003 or so — but I also understand the reasons why he wants to shut it down.

Good luck to you, my friend, all the best!
Thank you for your friendly advice and regular comments on my blog. Please stop by in the future!

2 thoughts on “Michael Park leaves blogging behind

  1. Thanks, I will remember to remove those when I change the layout (which is not never but not right away either:)

    Doing good otherwise. A TON of stuff going on, so much I can barely keep up with it all. Thanks for dropping by! You’re always welcome here, Mike:)

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