5 hours and counting…

In less than five hours I’m on a bus going for Havana international Airport, and here I’m sitting anxious as hell to get out of here, but with a slight touch of sadness to it – because I AM going to miss this country.

Oh, well. I’ve got to pack now, I guess. I’ve given away 50% of my clothes but I still think I’ve crossed the 20kg limit.. It will be a close run, anyhow.

When we get to Amsterdam, if I’m not too exhausted or we don’t have enough time, me and a couple of friends are going to a cafe to have a cup of decent coffee. NO, I am not going to smoke anything, because I have this army-test soon, and they test my urine.. Anyway, I don’t think pot and travelling go together, not for me anyways. There are some of the students who’ll try some cookies, if you catch my drift. But this all depends on wether we have time or not. If we do, I hope to take a few photos of this marvellous city too. Would’ve looked great with my 650+ pictures from Cuba:)

Wish me a good flight! Now, I’ve got to run..

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