Happy Birthday to Me, Lady C and NRK Alltid Nyheter

Last week I turned 28 years old, while Lady C turned 29 this week. I had bacon pancakes on my birthday, and Lady C had pork steak on hers. I was very happy to receive a Raspberry Pi computer while Lady C, however, was very sad to receive NOTHING AT ALL. Because I am dead broke, it was in the middle of Easter and I was 110% focused on my Thomas Mann hand-in on Tristan. In German. 5 pages.

Also, it rained on her birthday, and not on mine. Must be karma.

Anyway. I had decided to give her a nice dinner out on the town, which completely overshadows my gifts (from a financial POV), but it didn’t appease the strong lower lip and furrowed brows situation. I tried the same strategy that I do with the dog, which amounts to just ignoring the hell out of her, but that only pissed her off. Then I was all like: "What, are you menstrual or something?!" and she was all like "####!!ยง!!!””#FGEDF#ER#"… I guess she was.

So I gave her a free-meal ticket, essentially. But in a V Nice Restaurant.
Probably one that will leave me broke for half a month.
Sooo… Check out Mr. Sensitive over here!

Also, I heard on the radio that my favorite channel on the radio NRK Alltid Nyheter turned 15 years today! It’s the Always-News channel in Norway, without (commercial) advertisements, it plays BBC News stories and transmits news roundups every 30 minutes over the ether. I essentially DON’T listen to the radio because I’ve always got Lady C on in the background. So, a radio station that keeps repeating itself so I can get it the next time around is just amazing. We must learn to appreciate these kinds of public services, before we are utterly engulfed by our corporate overlords. Or Angry Lady Friends.

Low Carb Diet (in a box)

If this post sounds bitter, it’s because I’m on a new low carb diet. Whop-de-fucking-woo.

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