Teach a monkey to write…

I stumbled onto a link on a blog I read which said: "Top 10 Most Influential People to Follow on Twitter", and I immediately thought: «It will be a list of douchebags, compiled by a – or more douchebags, for the sake of douchebaggery.» And believe me when I say, that I was right. A Top 10 Most Influental people to follow on Twitter would be Obama (actually present in the article), Putin, Jesus (his account is rather dead, but his followers make a lot of noise) and the Prophet Muhammad, those guys in charge of US foreign policy, the World Bank, G20 and allies, South-East Asia, and some more. No actors, no television faces, no cruft. Not even me. But then I’m not on Twitter. I’m on identi.ca! Yay!

.. I just realized my thoughts are apparently so important that I put them in quotes. «No, you didn’t.» Oh, shut it.

So, yesterday I began working on my first exam, which is just great because: a) Deadline is noon, Monday b) I have a fever and c) tomorrow’s the national holiday of Norway. I should have started Sunday, but I wasn’t feeling well. Monday I was even worse. Yesterday I was dead, but reading curriculum, and today I actually started writing.

German. Meta. Grammar.

That’s right. Meta grammar. Of German grammar. As if the regular kind was not enough. You can just hear Xzibit coming in his pants: "Yo dawg! I heard you like grammar, so I put some grammar on yo grammar so you can boggle while you struggle dawg!" (Xzibit) As if I didn’t have enough to do, I decided now would be a great time to move my T61 from regular Debian to pimped-up #! Linux (also Debian), using a worn-out NTFS formatted external USB 2.0 drive to move my 70 gigs of pr0n. Can you say Click-of-death?

I’ve got my German Thesaurus (heh, I wrote Theosaurus, which would be like a religious dinosaur — from Germany) for LibreOffice up, so I’m good to go. I should be reading right now, I’ve got some unperz√∂nlichen Passivs to tackle, but I thought about blogging something about something that I can’t remember any longer. Like my aunt recently said: "There is no such thing as multitasking." I’m half-asleep, drooling, and my thoughts keep interrupting me. Here’s a good time to log off, dial down, or whatever you hip kids say these days. GET OFF MY LAWN! I’m a sick man. Sick man.

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