Last five pics

That’s what I forgot! To post the last five pics! Here they are:

Elvis in the Sun VII: Lemonade, please
Lemonade, please
Part of a series called Elvis in the Sun

When I was flicking through my podcasts..
Flicking through my podcasts, I hear a POOOOF! sound
Guy was alright. Chased by secret police (car on the right). Almost got killed by debris. What can I say? BeyondPod is a killer app!

Fuck Everything And Rum?
Fuck everything and rum!
Nuff said. Genuine pirate graffiti!

Super-villain Rain Coat for Elvis
Sun-Powered Super Villain!
Lady C got this rain coat for Elvis, that makes him look like a super villain:)

Don't Jump!

The New Couch
Bonus photo: The New Couch ®™
We invested in this "new used" couch for a saner living condition. Totally worth it!

Whoops, gotta go. Elvis is trying to hump my leg here. You have to nip it in the bud, else you’ll find him outside my German classes wholesaling crack cocaine before long.. Or eying Poland. Never can tell what this dog is thinking.

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