German Exams: Up at 9 a.m. tomorrow

I’ve been reading through our German history curriculum this last week when I wasn’t working, 8 hours of reading poorly copied texts font-size 8 has rendered me a trembling wreck. Nosebleeds from stress and artificially sweetened gallons of coffee that weakens my nerve is beginning to take its toll. But then I probably have a better oversight over post-war German politics than most Germans my age do. Which is only a shallow comfort. I’ll forget it all in about a year or so.

It’s a home exam, everything is allowed, starting tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. to be delivered Thursday at noon. We receive and hand in the texts over the Internet, so why get dressed at all? Well? It starts with a German exam but it ends in Scottish Whisky smelling evenings in a trailer park, unemployed and shouting at the leaves in a tree until late at night. Gotta stay sharp! Take those showers, get those clothes on, roll on that roll on, you go girl!

People have no idea how much work it is to study, if you’re doing it right. But when I’m at the University I see most people just obsessing about their degrees, ready to move on "into the real world". Maybe they’re the ones doing it right.. I’ve been there, done that though. Had a good paying job and standing offers if I ever want to go back. For the time being, I’m a lot happier exercising my nearly comatose brain, get it back to shape.

I also received 3500 NOK from a horse race in May I didn’t even knew I’d won. When I found out I wanted to head out to the nearest bank and withdraw them in cash, so I could roll them together and keep them close to my heart, like Tony S does. The cash flow in Oslo is drying out however, due to a nationwide Security Guard strike. Soon we’ll all be at the mercy of thieves and con men that are the only ones still dealing in cash. And grandmothers. Pistol waving grannies with debts to pay… So for the time being I have to watch the winnings as pixels on my screen with not as much as an animated money GIF to comfort my sorry ass..

Oh well. No time for that now. It’s time to get in the mood for some Nachkriegzeit kind of action here! Gute nacht, Lieblinge, bis Morgen!

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