Sex Hour!

I’m not sure if this is some international gangbanger collaboration or just an example of Norwegian self-satisfaction, but this morning on Official News Radio NRK Alltid Nyheter they touted the so-called Sex Hour, that preaches 1 hour of sex tonight to promote the use of contraceptives.

Contraceptives.. Ah, the sound of it makes you smell latex and alcohol, donnit? But it may very well be the only good reason you’ll have sex before getting married, so I say: GO FOR IT!

In ye olden days of your grandfolks’, people thought you could get pregnant if you kissed or sat on a dirty toilet seat. Today we know that you can kiss a toilet seat even WITH YOUR TONGUE without getting pregnant, which is a giant leap for mankind, as well as something you can do on your own private time without requiring a significant other.
Not my kind of thing, but who am I to judge you?

The foremost ENEMY of the blessings of contraceptives are FATALISTS who believe that contraceptives somehow trick the ancient ways of God Almighty. So these so-called conservatives think their God is outsmarted by some lubricated rubber, eh? But CATHOLICS are EVEN WORSE. The Pope preaches that AIDS in Africa is not so bad, because it must all be some beautiful part of Nature’s plan.
There were means of contraception even before civilization, long before this God person showed up everywhere. Besides, we are talking about the Head of The Vatican State, where the age of consent is something like TWELVE YEARS. Actually, it’s exactly twelve years.

If you’re a catholic in agreement then, not only do you condone the proved prevention of a terrible disease that strikes thrice as hard in the third world, but you also prefer to bang your preteen without a dong….! And my website is the one that’s filtered as tasteless?

As you can tell, I’m all for Sex Hour and I started early this morning to reach twice before breakfast. Lady C was at work so I had to turn to the Internet for companionship. Jerking off while playing World of Worldcraft is just weird.. But for a good cause! Then I had to pay a visit to the University and the dentist’s office for my yearly, before Lady C came home only to announce that she was going away for the weekend in about an hour, and she had never seen someone gobble down grilled fillet of pork so fast in her life. Indoor BBQ is also not her favourite foreplay.. I dunno. Gets the job done.

So, I’m all alone at home, and by my calculations I still lack some 14 minutes before I’ve completed the full hour. How about you?

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