Getting a Sony PS3 for next to nothing…

Lady C’s mother bought a Sony TV earlier this year, and with it she received a coupon saying she could get a Sony Playstation 3 with Uncharted 3 for only 550 NOK (around $90 USD), which is a 75% discount in our high-cost economy. She was going to throw it away, but we got it instead, and so started the long journey towards an unsatisfied customer.

First, we had to register our e-mail address in the Sony online campaign. Then we needed a "complete printout" of the online registration form, the EAN bar-code on the TV packaging, and the SN of the TV itself, as well as a copy of the receipt itself. All of this we had to send down to a special address in France.
Let me add that we don’t have a photocopier nor a printer at home, so I had to take a photo of the receipt, edit it in the GIMP, send all of that stuff up to Uni and print it out there using my precious printing quota.. The day I finally had the spare time to walk down to the actual physical post office, wait in line and send it, was a sunny, hopeful day. Alright, a little bit cumbersome, but at least we get the PS3 for a great price, right?

After a long wait until the campaign had reached its official end, we received the e-mail offer. I acted upon it as soon as I had enough money to spare, paid the money online and received a receipt. W00T!11!

At least that’s what Sony Store had us believe. After a very long time I received an e-mail telling us that they had run out of stock, and was waiting for resupply. Shit happens, right? Okay, no biggie.

Then finally, we got the order confirmation and third-party delivery tracking ID. I immediately searched up the ID on their online tracker, but received a FILE NOT FOUND. Alright, be patient, wait a few days.. Then I searched again, but to no avail. What a shitty website, I thought, and called their customer support. I just wanted to get an ETA, how hard could it be? Apparently, very hard. Because the delivery guys had received numerous calls for non-existent packages, packages just like mine. I e-mailed Sony Store again, only to receive a "Please rate our service" e-mail in reply.. Thanks!

About a week and a half later I receive a PRIVATE phone call from an unlisted number. Since I was at work I couldn’t answer, and since it was PRIVATE I couldn’t call back. Must be a secret admirer, so many of those calling these days. No biggie. But then a few days later — also at work — I received another mysterious phone call. This time I dropped everything I had in my hands and answered the phone. It was an angry immigrant talking very fast;

– HELLO, This is sonycustomersupportIonlycalled to
– Hello?
– HELLO! Wearesorryforthedelay.
– Okay
– We just wanted to know whether you’d still like your product?
– Oh, is this Sony?
– YES!
– Whether I’d still like the PS3 I ordered like 6 months ago?
– YES!
– No need to shout.. Yes, I’d still like it. Why?
– Okay, errors bindun, just needtoaddanotherorderhereanditshouldbeaway in A SHORT TIME!
– Okay thanks!
– BYE *click*

Five minutes later I received a brand new order confirmation for another PS3. But no shipment confirmation or ETA to be found… Great job, Sony!

We haven’t even began using their device or their services, and I already feel abused and disgruntled. I’m having a bitter taste about the offer, and I’m beginning to question whether I’d like to contribute more to their empire. It’s alright to fuck up, Sony, but at least own up to it. We just acted on your damn offer. When the PS3 finally arrives, we’ll prolly play a few games and sell it for a profit. Hell yeah.

2 thoughts on “Getting a Sony PS3 for next to nothing…

  1. You probably could! If you do it within 14 days here, you get off scott free, as well. But the campaign ended a long time ago.

    My brother Koew bought the game for 200 NOK, so we ended up paying 350 NOK in total for the PS3. That’s 57.5 $USD!


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