Summer Holiday 2012

This year we drove to Nordland, due to not wanting to leave Elvis – our Boston Terrier – alone in the cargo hull on a plane. The drive took us 2 days. Elvis was really quiet and calm while driving, he usually just farts and falls asleep, which was a great relief. Some dogs just can’t stand it. The long drive gave me an opportunity as well to reacquaint myself with long-distance driving, stopping only for fuel and bacon cheese burgers. And air out some of that frustration from driving behind snail-paced Deutsche mobile homes all day. Yuck.

We spent a week in Nordland, during which I spent some 4-5 hours a day editing some mighty fine literature I wrote way back when, and barbecued every sunny day. We had some rain and cloudiness, but that was alright.

For the weekend, we headed up to Kongsfjord, to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th Anniversary along with a hole gathering of relatives and neighbours. Kongsfjord is all the way up here, so we went by plane, leaving Elvis in safe hands back in Nordland. It was good to see my father again, and of course my grandmother, aunts, uncles and most of my cousins as well. I have some 20 cousins altogether, so I can’t be arsed keeping in touch with everyone, so these events are great. My cousins had done a great job setting it all up. Thanks, guys!

We had a great time partying in Kongsfjord, and headed back Sunday afternoon. We had dinner in Bodø, waiting for the 9 p.m. train. Again, cheeseburger with bacon; but to my disappointment a "Bodø burger" is naught but meat patty. Lady C enjoyed the fresh shrimps.

Back in Nordland we spent another week, mostly doing nothing at all, because I’d ran out of material to edit. I think two weeks with someone else’s family is about a week too long, and we were all relieved to be heading south again the following Friday. Even Elvis was. If we had had our own car, we could have taken some day trips or overnights, visiting my homestead and just cruising the north. Without a car, you’re really stuck there. It’s just you, the in-laws, and Nature herself trying to do you in. Plus bird-sized mosquitoes. The only reason I’m writing this in public is because I know the feeling is mutual. We all need some breathing space.

We were home again Sunday afternoon, and the next morning I was back at work again. Boy, that was hectic. What an all-inclusive, compact holiday it was! Below I’ve attached some photos from the flickr set: Summer 2012

Mosjøen II
We stopped at Mosjøen for lunch (at Ferdinand’s). Beautiful town!

Working in the North
This was my private office in Nordland

Nordland, Baby
Elvis did his best to avoid the scary Fjords

Travelling to Finmark superstar style
Heading to Finnmark, traveling like superstars.. Actually, it’s the postal flight heading out at 4-5 in the morning. On these early morning flights, you can actually get to know people. And if you’re lucky, the stewardess has brought a thermos of coffee to share.

Kongsfjord II
Kongsfjord village, a place dear to my heart
We slept in that little rented cottage in the center of the photo!

Kongsfjord XII: Brilliant view
Kongsfjord on one of those rare, sunny days

Elvis chillin out outside
Back in Nordland again, Elvis chilling outside

Norland, baby
A little walk uphill from where we were staying in Nordland. A little to the right of that birch, you can almost make out our fishing boat.

Elvis testing the waters
Elvis testing the waters. He didn’t mind the temperature, just the wetness of it all..

See the other some 50 photos on my flickr page here: Summer 2012. Cheers!

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