Happy Terrorist Day, Norway!

Today, Norwegians celebrate the national Terrorist Day, in remembrance of the huge one-man operation conducted by a medically insane crusader in order to protect the white race supremacy from the ongoing Muslim sneak-attack. To wit, by executing some 90 innocent people in the Labour Party summer camp and setting off a huge bomb downtown that almost got my half brother… go figure.

I am not up for creating a memorial day, because so many or too many Norwegians secretly agree with the fucked-up world views of the accused. He represents a deep-founded ignorance and societal incompetence, fear of Islam and some kind of undefined racism that seem to permeate Western Civilization. All over the place I hear people touting it was a terrible act, which it was, and then adding but he does have a point. No, he doesn’t. Don’t be a complete idiot, go out there and fucking check the facts. Where’s your sense of criticism? Fact-checking? You have a duty to learn the truth. And by that I DON’T MEAN FUCKING YOUTUBE. In fact, that kind of infomercials is likely a big part of the problem.

We’ve just recently gone through the trial, which has not come to a conclusion yet, but the story thus far is that the prosecution goes for criminal insanity. It has been something of a circus, with a lot of confusion around insanity in the medical versus the judicial sense. The latter is what’s at stake here, and requires that the perpetrator was suffering immediate delusions at the time of the deeds. I think the prosecutor had a weak case, but they didn’t have much of a choice because there was significant doubt due to differing opinions among the experts.

So, I’ve got this story all up in my throat, like vomit, knowing that regardless of what was said in the days after 22nd of June 2011, it’s gonna get political. It’s so fucking sad. Think about all the dead, and all they left behind. Staying at home today, it’s for the dead. I don’t have to celebrate Norwegian society today, it was what brought forth this madness in the first place.

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