Linksys DIR-825 B1 EU firmware

If you are anything like me, you can’t help fiddling with stuff that works, in order to make it stop working. Last night, as the grand finale of a major network overhaul (we now have 2 networks at home, different IP ranges, but with cross-communication) I decided to check for firmware updates for my DIR-825 (Hardware rev B1, EU version).

According to the EU (and Canadian lol) version websites at Linksys, the latest firmware is 2.01EU. Which I KNEW was wrong, ’cause I was running 2.05EU. I though I found a new firmware that upon initialization turned out to be version 2.00EU. Yay. I downloaded the 2.01EU version and installed it. No Internet? I could resolve IP addresses but nothing replied to ping commands. I restored the router to factory defaults only to learn that my config backup was either corrupt or, more likely, incompatible with this older version. Yay.

Finally, thanks to ChickenMan on the Dlink forums, I got the "hidden" Linksys FTP server URL:

Linksys DIR-825 Firmware:

Loaded it up and restored from backup. Everything worked, running the original 2.05EU software. Yay. I have no idea why it is so hard to get that information.

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