Buying x-mas presents while Saddam was captured.. and something about a killerwhale

X-mas is upon us like Death will come upon us all some day: The festive holiday of depression. Great. I’ve bought most of my x-mas presents in Cuba, though, but I don’t know when to send them or anything. I’ve just got no time to think, and I’m worrying about my music too well. They’re packed in a box at the appartment building’s attic, and it’s driving me nuts. I really miss the Grunge.

And Saddam was captured, I heard. I saw him being inspected on television, described as a humiliation for a former dictator (and a strong one too), but I think he looked pretty high (a.k.a ‘wasted’) when they did it. I read in the news today that his doctor meant that it was strange that mr. Saddam hadn’t fought till death against the US Marines (or Army or Whatever). I also think that the Americans neglected to mention the aid they must’ve received from numerous sources within the network of Saddam, since it is highly unlikely that the (stupid white men of the) American Army could’ve found him on their own. I mean; Americans have Starbucks on every freaggin’ corner, so they don’t have to remember where it’s at. Anyway, if this really is Saddam and not a b-film actor, it is an historical event that naturally goes down in history.

I’ve forgot to get the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of my co-students from my stay in Cuba, which is really nagging me, since some of them really are worthwhile hanging with. You all know how difficult I am with everyone and everything, so when I say that people are worth my time – I really mean it.

Mirza, that Bosnian bolsjevik, is currently boicotting my webpage because of my accusations against Keiko. Now, if you can let me correct that mr. MIB: I too think that it was wrong to raise him up to be a prisoner of Hollywood in the first place. I’m just so sick and tired of this waste of money when there are people starving to death in this world. Fuck it! I mean; it’s a freaking whale! It’s food, for christ’s sakes! One of our rather controversial politicians from the Coastal Party (no. Kystpartiet) were asked what solution he had on the moneyeating killerwhale. He suggested that we parted him up and sent him to starving Africans. Pretty naive, but the idea behind it is really great. Stop spending money on shit, and do something worthwhile.

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