Today I made a bargain!

I study philosophy at the University full-time these days, spending quite a few days in the library of humanities. There be dragons, Latin bolstering nerds and frustrated art students lingering for decades like dusty old clothing.. And free stuff!

The library strives to keep a current collection of literary material, and regularly place out-of-circulation books they no longer want on a trolley near the entrance for your perusal. Here you can find some really obscure gems, like the Introduction to Artificial Insemination of Scandinavian Eels and similar intriguing titles. Today I made a bargain with this find:

  • The Evolution of Life (1962) by F.H.T Rhodes 
  • Retorik – Klassisk & Moderne (Rhetorics) (1977) by Jørgen Fafner 
  • From Discourse To Logic: Introduction to Modeltheoretic Semantics of Natural Language, Formal Logic and Discourse Representation Theory (1993) by Hans Kamp & Uwe Reyle 
  • Introducing the UNIX System (1983) by Henry McGilton & Rachel Morgan 

That’s a great deal of knowledge for the price of nothing! Cheers:)

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