I have the body of a God..

Yes, it’s true… too bad it’s Buddha. Rub my belly for luck!

I’m sitting in the kitchen having a beer and listening to the GNU World Order, while Lady C is having a dinner party with a gang of girls, and I thought I’d drop a note. Or an egg. Or an Eggdrop!

Because I’m thinking about opening an IRC channel here. I don’t have a Facebook account, my identi.ca is hardly worth reading, and my blog is rarely read. So why not a run an open chat? Yes, it isn’t a new idea. I used to have a "Tagboard", which was a CGI script and a text file where anyone could place their little messages, and it was pretty popular with the plebs, it just got too hacked. An IRC # would create a hangout that doesn’t require people to sign into a service (like gtalk, hotmail, yahoo, skype and more).

And with an egg-fu bot running, learning new things by listening, it would never grow old. Using some python programming and fbcmd we could create an artificial facebook account posting random stuff from the channel. Tell me what you think, or at least, have a beer with me. Cheers!

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