12th of the 12th 2012 at 12:12

I’ve just received confirmation that the University accepted my last exam even though I uploaded it as a PDF and not the required rtf or doc(x). It was written in LibreOffice with polytonic Greek signs, which proved hard to export.

What this means, however, is that since my 3 last exams are good enough to pass, I am henceforth known as Sigg3 Bachelor of Philosophy and Protector of the Realm and would prefer that you address me by my proper title.

Seriously though, this is my first academic grade. And since it’s taken 7 years to get here I wasn’t sure it would happen at all. As you are aware, I studied part-time while working and writing, so I am older than the rest of the Bachelors (who’s finished their degree in 2,5-3 years). I like to think this makes me more experienced in both philosophy and the real world.

But it was about time. Master students have separate studies, so it won’t be so hard to find a place to work through the exam season.

It’s been great and it will only get better. But now I have an article to finish and some X-Mas shopping to do. See ya!

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